Collection: Clear Stadium Crossbody Bags

Best Clear Crossbody Bags For Sport Events or Concerts

The see-through Crossbody Bags are your best pick for day-to-day wear, evening concerts, and a variety of sports events. You can wear it comfortably as a cross-body or shoulder bag. For a more fashionnable chic touch, some bags features a chain, golden toned crossbody strap.

They usually come in a middle size, meetings the Clear Bag Policy (implemented by the NFL) to be stadium approved and sped up security checks, they also have enough space to store all your essentials for a day out.

Sturdy, waterproof, and lightweight, our PVC crossbody bags will be your perfect partner for every day to carry your essentials and other accessories.

Our eye-catching transparent crossbody bags are designed to last, and whether you're seeking casual or smart style, you'll be in style for decades.

The PVC fabric is the perfect ally for your urban or outdoor adventures because it is lightweight but sturdy and quite easy to clean. Furthermore, PVC is waterproof so it can withstand Mother Nature's assaults.

How to clean a PVC or Plastic bag?

It is easy to keep your clear plastic handbag clean. Simply use a soft cloth to remove any particles from the surface gently, wipe it down with a damp cloth and a nonabrasive, all-purpose cleaner or baking soda and water paste, both interior and exterior. Then let dry completely before use.