Collection: Clear Mesh Backpacks

What is a mesh backpack?

Mesh backpacks are becoming more and more popular among outdoor enthusiasts. They are parts of the big family of see through backpacks. Since they required less fabric to be made, than leather or canvas backpacks, they are also more lightweight, confortable to carry. The mesh fabric make them breathable and more easy to maintain than other backpacks.

Clear or mesh backpacks?

Mesh backpacks reaveal what is in your bag of just enough to let you remember what you packed, but not too much to everyone like clear backpacks. However, the mesh polyester fabric is less easy to maintain than PVC or Plastic fabric.

Where can i buy mesh backpacks?

At Clear Moda, of course! you can find a great selection of mesh backpacks for school, mesh drawstring backpacks for everyday, or mesh beach backpacks.