Collection: Stadium Approved Clear Bags

Best clear stadium approved bags

More and more people opt for a clear bag when they go to a concert or a sport game .

And we can completely understand them. Transparent bags are lightweight, helps you pass through the security check quickly and easily, and easy to clean.

And due to size requirements, you don't need to carry a lot, just your phone, credit cards, cash, lip gloss, or whatever else you must need during a show.

Are tinted clear bags stadium approved?

If the officer can fully see through your tinted bag, it will not been approved unfortunaly.  Remember the purpose of a transparent design is that we can actually see through the design.

So if it is challenging for the security to see through your bag, you risk to have your bag taken, or you will not been accepted in the stadium. Please don't take this risk! Simply opt for a bag as transparent as it possible.

Also, remember that the clear design is not the only thing to consider, keep in mind that your bag also needs to meet the size requirements .

Can clear bags be a color for a stadium approval?

The requirements are the same regarding the tinted bags. If the secury has a hard time seeing through, you may have have some problem. So you either you shop for clear tinted or colored, same rules : The clearer, The Better.

What size is stadium approved clear bags?

As we see above, you bag must not be only clear but only has te good size.

The size requirements to date are smaller than 12 inches by six inches by 12 inches (length, depth, width) for a backpack, and 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches for a purse.

In terms of fabric, it usually made from Plastic, vinyl or PVC.

Note that this requirements can be different or change depending the stadiums. So we recommend you to verify on their official website before going to the stadium.

If your clear backpack exceeds these measurements, and most do, it will likely be barred from the music event.

Where to buy stadium approved clear bags?

On Clear-Moda of course! Either you are looking for backpacks, purses, crossbody bags, we have a wide selection of clear stadium approved bags for everyone.