Collection: Clear Backpacks For School

Why do schools require clear backpacks?

The rising school shootings and violence, put the questions of security at the top priority for parents. The result is that some school districts are now requiring clear backpacks for safety.

The goal to this rule is that since the bags are clear, it will deter a hidden handgun, a pilfered pistol, a firearm swiped from the family safe.

Do clear backpacks make schools safer?

It is hard to analyse the effectiveness in terms of one solution. Insecurity is a global problem and requiring a see through backpack can't be a magic pill.

Do clear backpacks turn yellow?

As any other backpack, a transparent backpack that is not maintain properly, can rot and turn yellow over time and after being used all day for a school year. So it is important to clean regularly your backpack. The good point is that this type of bag required a very low maintenance.

What schools require clear backpacks?

The list of educational institutions or districts that have put in place the Clear Backpack requirement may vary from time to time. To find out the most recent details if a certain area or school piques your interest, we advise getting in touch with the administration or the local school district. Here are some examples:

How to choose a good transparent backpack for school?


For school or work, you may consider a heavy duty clear backpack since you will have a lot to carry a lot daily : laptop, books, agenda, etc.


If you want your see through backpack to last more than one school year, you need to find one that is tough and strong. So look for bags that are made with thick PVC plastic and strong stitching.


When looking for clear backpack for school, keep convenience in mind. So pick a bag with multiples pockets to keep you well organized, sturdy shoulder straps and more.