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Women's Clear Clutch Purses Collection

Want to really stand our for your next night out? forge the classic leather purse and opt for a clear acrylic clutch purse. Our transparent clutch purses come in a wide selection of styles that are all 100% transparent so you can see everything inside with ease, and some are stadium approved so you don't have to worry about the clear bag policy. Made with durable, PVC, Plastic or Acrylic fabric, our clear clutch purses are sturdy, practical, and chic for any ocasion.

And what about security? they come with a water resitant exterior so your belongings  are safe under the rain and they usually features zipper closure to secure what is inside.

When to use a clear clutch purse?

A see through clutch purse is perfect for carrying the essentials while also keeping you hands-free  when it features a chic chain crossbody strap for all of your adventures like concerts and music festivals

it is also the perfect choice for daily errands in the town or travel. And don't worry about the style, even the pickiest fashionnistas will find a chic clear box clutch purse for her next wedding.

What is a the size requirements for a stadium approved clear clutch puse?

The generic size requirements for a small clear clutch purse cannot exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″. Also the bag must be fully transparent, tinted clear bags are usually not authorized. Choosing a clear purse for concert make security checks faster by helping security quickly visualize what you are carrying in your bag, and enhance security measures to help keep everyone safe.

Where to buy clear clutch purse?

At Clear Moda of course! we have everything for every styles. Whether you are looking for a clear envelope clutch purse for your next dating night or a clear clutch cosmetic purse, we have your back.

How do you clean a clear purse?

Another wonderful point about see through clutch purses is that they are so easy to maintain. Simply use a cloth and a solution of mild dish soap and water. Wait until is dry completely and your bag is as new. You can also use alcohol or hand sanitiser on any PVC or plastic handbag, but make sure not to overdo it.