About us

Born in USA. Made For Fashion Lovers. Perfect For All Occasions.

About Clear Moda

We are proudly part of this community of those who love transparent designs. We are also part of that community that we call fashionnista, those who like to wear stylish and fashionable accessories.

For a long time we struggled to find bags that combined these two passions in the so-called traditional stores. Most of the time, we ended up settling for transparent bags with a very classic design or that look like plastic travel bags.

Tired to go window-shopping and tired to ask the question "where can we buy stylish and fashionable clear bags?"

At that very moment, we thought to ourselves: "Other people have necessarily had the same problem as us, we have to help them..."

Our mission: Clear Bags That Made Fashion Statement.

Since 2018, our mission is to offer you through our Clear Moda website a wide selection of see through bags that fit perfectly into your daily life and become your new best partner every time you go somewhere.

Whether your are looking for a pvc backpack for a short day-trip to nearby vicinity, a cleat tote bag for your daily commute to the workplace or a clear purse with a chain strap for your next chic event, CLEAR MODA is dedicated towards offering ultra-modern, classic pieces that offer no compromise on quality and style.

Because we know that it is very difficult to trust an E-Commerce site when we don't know it , our dedicated team has shaken its brains and continues to do so to gather all the questions (or almost) for which you need answers and thus make your purchases with complete peace of mind. Our FAQ page contains your most frequently asked questions and we will be happy to answer your questions that you can send her now via the contact form