Collection: Clear Backpacks

Where Can i Find A Clear Backpack?

A common question for most clear backpack lovers! But don't worry we have you back :)

Discover our hand-picked and refined selection of undeniably stylish and functional clear backpacks. 

In terms of functionality, a transparent backpack allows you to see at a glance where each of your belongings is stored (a very practical feature when you work for certain organizations). Mostly made of transparent PVC, it is the best choice of bags if you get stuck in the rain. And they are the easiest to clean and maintain.

In terms of design, if you're looking for a see-through backpack that's stylish enough for shopping trips, beach days, festivals, city errands and even work, you'll definitely find something you like in our selection.

We believe that clear backpacks should not be reduced to unfashionable designs and that it is essential that you don't have the choice to rely on "classic" bags when you need to go to school, on holiday, camping, on a weekend, or at work. That's why all our transparent backpacks offer a stylish look that will elevate your appearance. waterproof, and lightweight, these PVC backpacks will be your perfect partner for every day to carry your essentials and other accessories.

Our eye-catching PVC backpacks are designed to last, but also to fit into the landscape in which you live.

If quality and style are your main expectations when looking for a clear backpack? Ours meet perfectly these expectations, down to the smallest detail.

The materials used are of premium quality, resistant to wear and time while guaranteeing your comfort, and timeless style!

The PVC fabric is the perfect ally for your urban or outdoor adventures because it is lightweight but sturdy and quite easy to clean. Furthermore, PVC is waterproof so it can withstand Mother Nature's assaults.

Are clear backpacks effective?

PVC is an extremely strong, durable material. A PVC backpack, therefore, offers optimal resistance to time, use, and wear, making it a reliable companion in everyday life.

That is why, clear backpacks for school are not only popular for security reasons but also for heavt duty capacity.

Are clear backpacks allowed in stadiums?

Yes, many stadiums allow fans to bring clear bags!
However, they usually have to meet certain conditions, especially in terms of size. For example, SOFI Stadium has these requirements for clear bags:

Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12"

How to choose a good transparent backpack?


Clear backpacks often come in smaller sizes. For stadiums and travel, you may go for a clear mini backpack. For school or work, you may considare a heavy duty clear backpack since you will have a lot to carry daily : laptop, books, agenda, etc.


If you want your see through backpack to last more than one year, you need to find one that is tough and strong. So look for bags that are made with thick PVC plastic and strong stitching.


The design depends on your taste and your use. For daily use or for a fashionista, you will prefer something stylish enoug to not ruin your style. For a clear backpack for school or work, keep convenience in mind. So pick a bag with multiples pockets to keep you well organized, sturdy shoulder straps and more.

How to clean a clear backpack?

See through backpack are the most easty to maintain. Just take everything out of the bag before you begin and then wash it down with a simple water and soap solution. Then, let dry completely before re-use.