Collection: Clear Purses

Best See Thru Purses

It's time for you to make a fashion statement with a timeless design transparent purse that will be the right balance between style and functionality. Your ageless elegance crossbody clear purse will bring a refined touch of sophistication (with a well-built and precise zipper, flap, and inner pouch) while freeing up your hands to enjoy your moment.

In terms of functionality, a see through plastic purse allows you to see at a glance where each of your belongings is stored (a very practical one when you have a job that requires carrying a clear bag). Mostly made of transparent PVC, it is the best choice of bags if you get stuck in the rain. And they are the easiest to clean and maintain.

Where to buy clear purses?

A common question among clear purse lovers! But don't worry, we have your back!

It was essential for us to offer you a wide range of PVC clear purses, in different sizes and shapes to give you the possibility to find the right shoe for your feet.

Whether you need to go to a brunch with friends or to a chic event you'll find what you are looking for in our collection as these see-through purses are designed to elevate any outfit.

Sturdy, waterproof, and lightweight, our see thru purses will be your perfect partner for every day to carry your essentials and other accessories.

With a wide variety of styles, designs, and lively colors, there is a multifunctional transparent PVC purse for every taste and style (fashionistas, minimalists, urban, bohemian). These stylish clear purses will offer you the space needed to store your personal items for a day or night out.

Why settle for a classic leather bag, like everyone else, when you can stand out with a unique see-through bag? 

You will be able to showcase a stylish clear acrylic clutch that will suit your hectic daily life and add stellar unusual style to your next night out. In short, the perfect and irresistible accessory to solicit looks from other lovers of transparent design.

The PVC fabric is the perfect ally for your urban or outdoor adventures because it is lightweight but sturdy and quite easy to clean. Furthermore, PVC is waterproof so it can withstand Mother Nature's assaults.

Are clear purses effective?

PVC is an extremely strong, durable materialA PVC purse, therefore, offers optimal resistance to time, use, and wear, making it a reliable companion in everyday life.

Are clear purses stadiums-approved?

Yes, many stadiums allow fans to bring clear bags!
However, they usually have to meet certain conditions, especially in terms of size. For example, SOFI Stadium has these requirements for clear bags:

Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12" x 6" x 12"

How do you clean a PVC purse?

A PVC or Plastic Purse is really easy to maintain. Simply use a cloth with a cool water and gentle detergent. Avoid thrown your bag into the washing machine or put it under direct sunlight. You can also use alcohol or hand sanitiser on any PVC or plastic handbag, but make sure not to overdo it