Collection: Clear Plastic Purses

Where can i buy a clear plastic purse?

With the summer, football and concerts season coming, you probably alreay looking for fashion see though plastic purses to mach to match your summer style. Clear Moda has everything for you!

Our transparent pvc and plastic purses come in a wide selection of styles that are all 100% transparent so you can see everything inside with ease, and some are stadium approved so you can go through the security check with ease. Made with durable, PVC or Plastic fabric, our clear crossbody purses are sturdy, practical, and chic.

And what about security? they come with a water resitant exterior so your belongings  are safe under the rain and they usually features zipper closure to secure what is inside.

How to clean clear plastic purse?

One of the thing that make see-through plastic purse stands out in comparison to other purses, is that they are really easy to maintain. To clean a PVC or Plastic purse, you simply need water, a soft liquid soap and a microfiber or soft cloth.

Microfibers are fantastic for cleaning transparent plastic bags for many reasons. First, it is budget-friendly, since you use less products. It is also multipurposes, since you can also it can also be used for your computer, phone, mirrors, dusting, tables, counters.

Mix the soap and water into a bowl, and gently wipe your plastic purse with your microfiber cloth. After cleaning, let your purse completely dry before re-use. Wash your cloth as well, and let dry completely.

Avoid use nail-polish remover, paint remover, bleach or any other solvent on a plastic or pvc purse. Harsh chemicals like these could eat into the plastic or make it appear cloudy.